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NS Intercity Materieel

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•More likely to cause interference in the home. •A 5μV/m LTE signal from meters away of an ingress location could begin to cause CNR deterioration for all downstream subscribers. LTE user equipment (uplink) affecting QAM CNR in the home: The home is the most susceptible to CNR deterioration from LTE user equipment because of the low signal level and short distances. •LTE user. ICM InvestmentBank AG operates as an investment bank. The Company offers a long-term investment strategy tailored to the needs of the individual. ICM offers its customers investments with an Phone:

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Already have a Gartner account? Sign in to view this research document. Purchase this Document Price: Become a Client Call us now at: Toggle navigation Who we serve current. You should present this Admission Ticket in order to gain admittance to the meeting. This ticket admits only the shareholder listed on the reverse side and is not transferable. If the shares are held in the name of a broker, trust, bank or other nominee, you should bring with you a proxy or letter from the broker, trustee, bank or nominee confirming the beneficial ownership of the shares.

As of September 27 we have not received your proxy. If you have in fact already voted, we thank you. If not, we hope you will do so now. In case you have lost the original proxy card and need a new one to respond at this time, we enclose a duplicate together with a return envelope.

You can also vote by telephone or internet. Instructions are included on the proxy card. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Title of each class of securities to which transaction applies: Aggregate number of securities to which transaction applies: Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Exchange Act Rule a 2 and identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was paid previously.

Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date of its filing. Tuesday, October 11, To review the minutes of the annual meeting of shareholders and the special meeting of shareholders;. To vote on a proposal to ratify the appointment of the independent registered public accounting firm;. To consider any other appropriate matters brought before the meeting. He is also a Director of Cincinnati Bell Inc.

He is also a Director of Intuit Inc. Director since Mr. He is also a Director of The Boeing Company. He is also a Director of Alcoa Inc. Augustine is retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and information management. He is also a Director of General Electric Company. Chairman of the Executive Committee. She is also a Director of eBay Inc. He is also a Director of Textron Inc. Martin is a former Professor at the J.

Member of the Finance Committee. Director since Dr. Snyderman is Chancellor Emeritus, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is also a Director of Axonyx Inc. Storey is a retired partner in the law firm of Thompson Hine, L. He is also a Director of Verizon Communications.

Key components of executive compensation, including those of the Chief Executive;. The factors we considered as we established compensation levels; and. Details regarding deferral policies, stock ownership and share retention requirements and deductibility of qualifying compensation.

Compensation targets for specific positions set at the median of the Compensation Survey Group; and. He received , stock options in fiscal year for his performance in fiscal year This amount will be paid entirely in the form of restricted stock units.

One-half of the shares associated with these units will be delivered to Mr. Lafley in three years September and the other one-half will be delivered upon his retirement. This further links Mr. Overall Company results, measured by total shareholder return relative to similar consumer product companies and earnings per share growth relative to a pre-established target.

The compensation of other chief executives in our Compensation Survey Group; and. The inspirational and in-touch leadership that causes people and organizations to seek new levels of understanding of consumers, customers, communities and competitors;. The insistence that all employees meet the highest ethical standards of behavior. This year an updated and detailed ethics manual was deployed to all employees in 29 languages including on-line training;.

The clarity and effectiveness of business strategies;. The continued emphasis on the development of top talent and potential successors for key executive positions, including the Chief Executive. The Company is recognized externally as one of the premier developers of leaders;.

Name and Principal Position. All STAR awards are reported in this column regardless of the form of the award. STAR awards are paid in cash unless otherwise noted. STAR awards to the named executive officers were based on the performance of the business units under their responsibility.

The Company provides a modest level of personal benefits to named executive officers. These may include financial counseling, physical examinations, security, lunch club fees, use of a Company car and use of Company aircraft for personal travel. Lafley, the aggregate incremental cost to the Company of all personal benefits provided to any named executive officer was less than the reporting threshold.

Because the security program is for the benefit of the Company, the incremental costs associated with Mr. In addition, the value to Mr. The Company does not reimburse Mr. Lafley for any additional taxes he may incur on this imputed income. The award for Mr. The number and value of aggregate restricted stock holdings earned by each of the. Except as noted above, all restricted stock awarded to the named executive officers will vest on retirement.

Upon a change in control, all conditions and restrictions on restricted stock will immediately lapse. Tax equalization payment made by the Company to Mr. McDonald to cover incremental taxes required to be paid to Japan and Belgium in accordance with Company policies applicable generally to employees assigned outside their home countries. Upon a change in control, all stock options will immediately vest.

We have used the Black-Scholes option-pricing model to provide a grant date present value of our option grants pursuant to the rules of the SEC. The following assumptions were used in the calculation: We have made no adjustments to reflect that these options are non-transferable and subject to forfeiture. If performance is below the minimum level for either measure, no award is paid.

Policies and procedures for political contributions both direct and indirect made with corporate funds. Overall Company results, measured by total shareholder return relative to similar consumer product companies and earnings per share growth relative to a pre-established target.

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The boys have buttplugs and vibrators inserted into their un-touched holes - everything we do is designed to embarrass them and make our dicks hard. If shares are acquired, the Director or executive officer would have sole discretion as to voting and investment.

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