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Or simply the result of a New Years resolution of an Investor who's glass is now half empty!! Anybody planning to attend the AGM? Buys towards the end of the day to come imho. Looks like a bit of liquidity being created by somebody before this picks up. Good to see you here Rivaldo. Yes very good results. IMO Brexit may well provide opportunities as well as threats.

Sold INSE a couple of months ago and increased my holding here. Where did you find the Stockdale data you refer to? All it will need is a positive trading update with some meat on the bones leading up to the AGM. Good results here, in line with expectations. A decent outlook too, with natural caution re Brexit. Stockdale retain their 12p target price. The question is if and when that will happen Agree with Fred, Mr R, Allthatglitters. Excellent results and if on main market a rise would have been seen.

As said before this is Aim, tainted by a graveyard full of companies that came to the market in a less than honest way. And then of course our country held hostage by a bunch of self interested MPs.

Batten down the hatches for three months and could then be a completely different story. Good to see Investors taking advantage. You do know this is AIM and common investing sense plays no part? The results do encourage me to keep hold for the long term when true value should come through. Yeah, that looks excellent. What am I missing?! IMO a Very good solid set of results, showing value in current SP Any rerate though may well have to wait for our 'Government' to provide clarity regarding Brexit Any Brokers update should be interesting.

Lets see what Monday brings in particular the numbers in support of: We have significantly increased the scale and profitability of the business". By my calculations they have to increase the Ask soon as it appears the low cost Mm shares are almost out unless they are working through a large sell order. Glad its a Monday RNS. Too much frigging about with the SP for the results to be released anytime soon IMHO Tradition is a slow non stop build up, not the huge spreads seen over the last few days.

Nothing like a 69 share purchase to stop the rot. Hopefully not a Friday results RNS. Freeing up a few more ready for the RNS I assume. Watch them get snapped up soon. Been good SP appreciation in and more of the same in There is no cosmic risk karma that pays people for taking risk, and this book will help people understand what types of investment risks generate premiums, and which actually will cost you money.

But Pim and Jan manage to convince the reader in this easy to read and accessible book of their approach. They not only explain low-risk investing, but offer readers a whole set of investment and even life lessons at the same time. I would recommend every investor read this book. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. These low-risk funds are based on academic research and provide investors with a stable source of income from the stock market. He is a guest lecturer at several universities, the author of numerous financial publications and he travels the world advocating low-volatility investing.

Exclusively for readers of the book we offer the complete dataset covering the period - Have you read the book? We're grateful you have taken the time to 'listen' to the story of this remarkable investment paradox. We're interested to receive your feedback as it may inspire other investors as well to become a tortoise-like investor!

If you would like to share private feedback, please feel free to do so by our contact form. Van Vliet en de Koning hebben een boek geschreven over laag volatiel beleggen.

Hiervan komt midden oktober een Nederlandse vertaling van uit. Dat wil zeggen de simpele kwantitatieve formule van Robeco. Naar verluidt zou elke belegger hiermee uit de voeten moeten kunnen. We namen de proef op de som. Enkel de aandelen die onder hun intrinsieke waarde noteren, beschikken door hun onderwaardering over een veiligheidsmarge en zijn dus geschikt als investering. Pero no es cierto. The book is written by Pim Van Vliet and Jan De Koning, and looks at one of the most recently discovered — or more accurately, most recently publicized — market paradoxes.

Well here are six books published in the last twelve months that are well worth a read over the holidays — plus one to look out for in the new year. Think that you have to invest in high-risk assets to get high returns? Think again, says this book. Chosen carefully, a portfolio of low-risk assets can actually outperform high-risk ones, they argue, giving traders access to the investment holy grail of great returns with minimal exposure.

Finance Monthly has heard from Tamir Davies, content writer and researcher for Savoy Stewart, on the top 10 finance based books to look out for this year, a little about each and which reader they are best suited to.

One traditional way of acquiring this knowledge is by reading. You may be a solicitor, accountant, commercial property investor or CFO, but the ultimate aim is the same — to better yourself in the financial world and to make a return on investment.

High Returns from Low Risk: Traditionally, investors used to view low-risk stocks as safe but unprofitable. And of course profitability is the most important aspect of financial investment.

However, this is now a flawed theory. This book, explores how low-risk stocks are actually proving to be far more beneficial, and can outperform high-risk stocks. If you used to believe, the higher the risk, the greater the reward — this old axiom is holding you back. If you have money and want to know where to put it, with maximum return. Suitable for investors, those in private equity and property investment. As of today investors can screen for stocks that offer high returns from low risk by using the screener of ValueSignals.

Exposure to a wide range of views and opinions is an important factor in allowing me to continue to deliver robust financial advice. I am therefore pleased to have taken time to read High Returns from Low Risk.

Both work at the Dutch fund management group Robeco, which has become well known for its factor investing funds. Both demonstrate that simple algorithms which provide systematic approaches to gaining exposure to well-documented factors have been able to outperform the vast majority of professional investors using their discretion.

Summarizing the book, Van Vliet and de Koning conclude that the fact that low-risk stocks beat high-risk stocks is an inconvenient truth—inconvenient because it demonstrates that standard asset pricing models are wrong. Most investors will tell you that risk and return are two linked parts of investment — a willingness to take more risk delivers higher returns.

But is this always the case? The book teaches you how to build low volatility equity portfolios that not only beat the market, but do so at lower levels. Here are five things that I learnt from this excellent book: Speculatieve groeiaandelen zoals Google en Snapchat leveren op lange of korte termijn niet meer rendement op dan behoudende defensieve waarden zoals Unilever en Ahold Delhaize.

Risico loont niet, risico wordt afgestraft. Robeco timmert daarmee nu internationaal aan de weg. De vraag die zich natuurlijk onmiddellijk voordoet is: Een van de charmes van het boek van Van Vliet, waarvan Jan de Koning, eveneens beleggingsspecialist bij Robeco, co-auteur is, is dat dit soort vragen niet uit de weg worden gegaan.

In that book, Joel Greenblatt explained how ranking stocks on the basis of high return on capital and low valuation does the job of picking long-term winners. This book, too, offers a quantitative formula. Van Vliet demonstrates that ranking stocks on three filters—low volatility, high dividend yield and rising momentum —yields terrific market-beating results. He shares the excellent back-tested results of this formula".

Boken vill redogöra för vad den kallar för "Investeringsparadoxen". Paradoxen innebär förenklat att devisen "hög risk innebär hög avkastning" inte stämmer. Our book, High Returns from Low Risk:

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This updated dataset includes the monthly returns of the ten volatility-sorted portfolios for the years and We then rank and screen the market to filter the wheat from the chaff.

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