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Convert American Dollars to Colombian Pesos with a conversion calculator, or Dollars to Colombian Pesos conversion tables. Compare money transfer services, compare exchange rates and commissions for sending money from United States to Colombia. Also, view Dollar to Colombian Peso . Convert American Dollars to Mexican Pesos with a conversion calculator, or Dollars to Mexican Pesos conversion tables. Compare money transfer services, compare exchange rates and commissions for sending money from United States to Mexico. Also, view Dollar to Mexican Peso currency charts.

Sample date Remitly exchange rate margins and fees were checked and updated from remitly. Sample date MoneyGram exchange rate margins and fees were checked and updated on 26 July Sample date Quisqueyana exchange rate margins and fees were checked and updated on 26 July Speed 3 to 5 days.

Sample date Viamericas exchange rate margins and fees were checked and updated on 26 July Western Union Info Logo. Sample date Western Union exchange rate margins and fees were checked and updated on 26 July So to get business access to Payoneer you need to have a larger business with many employees.

Or alternatively you can try and send money directly via their website using a credit card; but in this case the costs will be higher and they limit the sending amounts. Xoom has been reported to cancel any payments that are for the purpose of sending to employees. Adding funds for Abra is free if you do it by bank. Here are some options that will allow this: Here are some options that are easier for sending multiple payments: There is also an integration with PayPal and Time Doctor.

Payoneer — these guys have an easy to use API where you can send to multiple people. We are also developing an integration with Payoneer and Time Doctor. TransferWise — paying multiple people with TransferWise is easy with their batch payments tool. You simply upload a spreadsheet with payment details and you can pay hundreds of people all around the world in minutes. Let us know your comments about any of these transfer methods below!

Other articles that might interest you: Leave a reply Cancel reply. Been using worldremit for sometime already. Im quite contented, ONLY they really have low exchange rate compare to others. The good thing is my family can get the money via pawnshops in PH in no time. UpVote Reply 0 Upvotes. I used to receive money from Canada through Remitly which automatically transfer and reflect on my bank account. Unlike Paypal wherein the receiver will also get charged for a certain amount in transferring money to bank account.

I think you can check and try Remitly for sending money. I usually use Remitly in receiving money from the US. It does not cost much plus it is instant. PayPal however, takes so much time to send the money and has higher fees.

But most of the freelancers and employers online has this. Otherwise anywhere else around the globe, I use Weatern Union. I guess you'll also want to consider the frame to send the money too, coming from a freelancer's perspective, not just the fees. So I would highly recommend Remitly. UpVote Reply 2 Upvotes. Thanks for the guide.

Was really looking for an alternative to PayPal. UpVote Reply 1 Upvotes. Incredible the following guideline is wonderful it really helped me along with my family, appreciate it! Thank you for mentioning orbit remit as one of the best remittance format from UK to pH been a great help. I always suggest and recommend Transferwise to my clients and employers.

The fee is low and the exchange rate is realtime. Wester union is the best sending money in philippines and also moneygram. I Think Transferwise is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer money from Australia to Philippines at a very low cost. Directly send money to your clients personal bank in the Philippines. Try to partner with different banks here in Philippines. As other company do. Banks tend to offer much worse exchange rates than other providers, while also charging additional fees.

I've been using paypal and bank to bank transfer for so many years. I've never tried any other way, some way are promising but I need reliability.

I have tried paypal, transferwise and payoneer. The best is transferwise so far and it goes to my account directly. No more withdrawal charges. UpVote Reply 4 Upvotes. After using Remitly mostly for smaller transactions for the past few years I needed to make larger transfers. The first one I made was not pleasant as I had to call them several times to complete it. I had to provide a copy of my passport, SS number, and other details. I assumed that future transactions would be a breeze but I was wrong.

The representative I spoke with Precious was rude and she made me feel unimportant and that my business was of no value to her. I've lost all confidence in Remitly and I'll no longer use or recommend them to anyone. Though not as fast as Remitly they do process the transfers in one business day and their rates are generally lower. Payoneer is still the cheapest way to send money to the Philippines. Paypal is quite expensive and the minimum amount in order to withdraw is also high.

TransferWire or ShareMoney is my best option for this! If you use PNB wire transfer you use at your own risk. On December 2 thousands were transferred and I have not received funds.

All PNB will do is say they do not have funds. They will not trace I used my lawyer in the Dtates and got all the wire transfer information. Yet for 11 years they have handled the transaction monthly. I have now hired a lawyer in Davao Ph. I doubt I will get justice in a Ph. I am tied up with Payoneer with my business and so far they are far better and more inexpensive compared to PayPal.

They even have some arrangements like my being with their VIP customers that allows you lower fees especially if you'll be sending big amounts like payments, remittances, and the likes. You can do the transaction online and clients sending out money need not even register. Just follow the online process and you'll be sent an email message if you have receivables. Your account number with them is already registered as an international account and you can transact globally.

Don't get me wrong. Am not part of the company. Just happy to share my experiences with their service and so far, it's topnotch! I even have a personal account executive assigned to me who checks me out every now and then for any concerns or clarifications with regards to their service. I hope that helps! Major factors to be considered while transferring money abroad are 1 It is safe 2 Exchange rates are low 3 Convenient processes 4 Quick transactions I am myself used to transferring money abroad to my sister in USA.

I have tried many options but have found services from Centrum Forex to be best among others. Hence, I would refer you to try and use their services. I am from Delhi India and want to send usd to Silay city phillippines in cash to my friend.

Please advice me the process and charges with your agents at New Delhi. UpVote Reply 5 Upvotes. My mom sends me money through Xoom and i get it right away and cheaper for her bec any amount will be the service charge fee. Hello,I am sorry but I cannot agree with the article, it is quite misleading. PayPal is almost 20 years old, and it is not hiding anything. One must know the rules in any transactions.

Charges apply to any kind of business, even the free ones. PayPal has an established reputation. There are many other worldwide online payments system to choose from and each has their own rule and price.

Change the part of the article that says hidden fees, it is not hidden. Also, clarify the charges for it is not clear. Separate the Personal and Business account. Then a clear comparison can be seen. I find some of this information 'misleading' at best. Western Union offers 2 services: I wonder if this is a 'sales site' for other services that charge MORE to transfer money? For example here are the exchange rates last July 24, for sending money with delivery method: Hi there, I am marketing team member of mHITs Remit and I just would like to clarify some information about this post and how you collect it so we can help keep it accurate.

First of all, our transfer is instant, so it will take seconds SMS speed to arrive to the Philippines and NOT days as the post says. We are probably the fastest company in Australia to send money to the Philippines. If you want to know our great rate today to send money to Philippines please visit http: Thank you for the space, I hope it had helped customer to understand our service features more clear.

Kind Regards, mHITs marketing team. I was wondering if considering Bitcoins as mode of payment. It is very easy to open a wallet account and there is also API integration.

This also take just minutes and direct to whoever the payment is intended for. It takes 10 minutes to pay them, then stuck at "Processing by local partner" for two full days. Terrible considering the huge hidden cost the inflict with a high exchange rate gap. Before sending money to Philippines , one should compare and choose option which is offering best rate on the day of transaction. Hi all, does anybody have any idea which services from the U.

I want western union because i know my money is secured at this money transfer at easy to claim. I prefer xxom and western union, we need to have our pay in fastest time though than paypal we need to wait business days and not only the sender will be charge also the receiver they highly expensive than other money remittance. As far as I know its either western union or xoom its because its fastest way to send money here in the Philippines.

For me it is Western Union always has the best and the greatest ways of sending money to the philippines from the states, for me it wasnt about how much will be the charges. As far as i know sending money by western union charges less mount to person who sends money whether from the philippines to other country or from the states to the philippines, western union is great not only less charge, it also delivered the money that people send fast and safe, making sure that the money that a person send will reach exactly to the person to whom it was send by the sender Again, it wasnt about the charges,it doesnt talks about how much, rather it talks about good services to people, fast and safe in all time From the Philippines to the USA?

For me Moneygram is good to me, because of the fastest way of sending money. The money sends fast. Hey Rob I think Payoneer and Pay Maya is the best and low cost if you want to transfer money here in the philippines. It just takes 10 minutes to get the money. Thank you for asking me this actually I personally had experience in having to send money before when I work outside the country and most of the time the company I worked at was using wire transfers to certain banks and other would use western Union and Money gram.

Thank you so much for sharing this great article. The information of best Money Converter that you given is good. I would recommended to add CurrencyKart. Thank you team currency karthttps: With some of my companies, they make me open an account from a platform they choose. I plan to open payoneer next. I plan to open a Payoneer account. At times, the company i work for decides what money transfer to use then they will instruct me to open an account and make it as my payroll.

I been using western union every time, I have transaction from international. You can receive your money less than an hour. The payment is very competitive and safety transaction just make sure you have the exact details and PIN number for security purpose. I pay 20 UAE Dirhams as transfer fee and the exchange rate is good. I use Transferwise weekly for sending money to the Philippines they are excellent there is nothing else to compare for international money transfers.

PayPal is a joke. Xoom is a joke. Ria is a joke. I've burned a lot of bridges in this industry but these companies will take all your personal information and then ask for more, and then decline service for some absurd technicality. I use PayPal only to receive funds never to send out internationally as that will freeze the account. I used to use RemitHome and they had good service but they just can't compete with Transferwise on price.

Transferwise is the best!! Uses the market rate and very very low fees. You can even set a minimum limit. And I can get my money within 5 minutes. I use Remitly to send my wife money weekly from the USA and she can pick it up in Philippine pesos within minutes.

I don't understand why it takes this long. Remitly does make a little bit on each dollar exchanged. Is there any other thing to be done aside from completing all the required documents? Thank you, more power to you guys and Best regards.. In this case, Pag-IBIG or any financial institution can do nothing even if they are willing to give you the loan. At the very least, you have to use your convincing power and have the seller agree that you will put down a down payment and finance the rest using Pag-IBIG Loan.

If he agrees, then the other steps will make sense. Regarding your capacity to pay, bear in mind that the Pag-IBIG Fund, or any bank for that matter, will be requiring you to present some proof of income.

It could be your payslip, contract of employment, bank statements, remittance slips, or combinations of them all. The very purpose of these documents is to evaluate your capacity to pay. Aside from these documents, there are also documents pertaining the real property in question: I have an existing housing loan under pag-ibig. Four to five years of missed payments is quite a long time already.

Considering that span of time, you need to personally check it with Pag-IBIG about the status of the property. If it is not yet foreclosed and sold to other buyers, you still have the chance to recover it.

One other thing you need to check is the amount of cash, including the penalties, you have to shoulder to continue with the payments. And yes, you need to have contributed at least 24 months. But you need to remember, that loan amount will depend on how much you have contributed already. So if you intend to contribute 24 months in the hope of getting a loan larger than that, you may be disappointed. Yes, you can be a member while you are there in Dubai.

Better yet, give them a call first. I am presently working as a live-in caregiver here in canada. I am planning to renovate our house by October ds year.

Thank you so much! That way she can get all of the required documents and send them to you. And also, that should help both clarify things and how to go about your plans of getting a house in the Philippines. Thanks and awaiting for ur reply.. But, you have to make sure with Pag-IBIG consolidates all your previous contributions with this new one. The quick answer is Yes, you can apply for a loan. A loan application is only the beginning and may not always lead to loan approval.

Plan ko po sana bayaran lahat ung 23 months para maka pag apply ng housing loan. Pero ngayon po nandito na po ako sa Afghanistan nag tratrabaho, mag tatatlong buwan na po ako dito at mag babakasyon next month.

S military base ako nagtratrabaho. You may also want to just issue a number of post-dated checks or have an auto-debit arrangement with your bank to pay your monthly contributions to Pag-IBIG. The contact detail is shown on this article. And if i paid the whole amount of 24 months membership can i avail the housing loan? We plan to vacation in the philippines by next year in davao city.

Ask ko lang po kung pede gawing 30 years yung loan namin. Bale 15 years siya at nakatapos na kami ng 3 years. You are certainly allowed for MPL if you are an active member. I just would like to inquire if i can apply for a house construction loan using a land title own by my parents.

Do I need to be POP member before ako mka avail ng housing loan,kasi active member ako ng pag ibig dahil naghuhulog ang company namin regularly pero nasa abroad ako nag work. First off, thanks for this helpful info. I have just recently accepted a job offer from Malaysia… and I want to continue my pagibig contributions.

How do I go about it? Should I enroll the the POP? If I do, what happens to my year contribution? Yes, but that rule might change soon. You can either personally go to any Pag-IBIG office here in the Philippines or have your representative do it on your behalf. Your first problem is how to activate your membership.

First, you need to know that starting July 1, , paying a one-time 24 monthly contributions is not anymore accepted to qualify for a housing loan. You need to be at least 24 months active member. Hi, I just want to ask po tungkol sa kaso ko, 2years ko na po ndi nahulugan ang inhouse ko sa isang Developer sa malaking kadahilanan, nagbayad po ako ng T pra ma agapan makuha forclousure sa bangko ngunit ayaw na nila akong magbayad ng monthly dahil sa mga palya ng pgbabayad ko,kylangan daw ay i-cash ko nraw sa knila in full payment, ngloan po ako sa ibang bank para mabayaran sila, pede ko paba itong ilipat sa pag-ibig kung magiging regular na po ang pagbabayad ko sa inutangan ko banko at hanggang ilang taon po bago ko mai-transfer sa pa-ibig.

OFW po ako at member na po ako ng pag-ibig with 24 months contribution sa Saudi Arabia,52 year old na po ako, maraming salamat po. First, you need to settle your obligation with the developer. Thank you so much. Possible, but it all depends on how much loan will be granted to you. I can tell you that this is much more complicated than you think. Is there any loan program available from Pag-Ibig Fund for house renovation only?

Did they approved a loan like 2M? If yes, how did they usually give the amount to the member so the renovation can proceed? I really want to know the process. Iga-grant po ba ng pag ibig ng full amount na ina-ask ng seller? Pag-IBIG will conduct its own appraisal of the property and your loan will be based on that appraised value, which is usually lower than the selling price of the seller.

Good day Pagibig Admins. I was a former active Pagibig member in the Phils. I was employed in a private company. Since I worked abroad my contribution has stopped.

My question is, will my contribution while single status be carried over to the new POP I had? What should I do? Please allow them sometime to update your file.

And while you are at it, you may want to request a list of all your previous contributions from them. Ask how many days it will take them to update and then return to the office or have a representative make a follow-up. Once, your updates are done, request another list of contributions just to make sure that you are getting the right data.

Since your husband is of good standing, it will be easier for you to get a home improvement loan. Please approach the nearest office to inquire about the loan amount. In some cases, you might be asked for a proposal from a contractor who will eventually do the project.

Im currently residing in new jersey. Is there any posibility that i can continously pay what she needs to pay to reactive her membership and let her get a housing loan since the house we wanna get its gonna be her name? Now,I decided and wanna know if ever,Can I apply for housing loan even if I dont have any contribution from the time when I left up to present? Can I use my existing pagibig members account number ID to reactivate and continue my monthly contribution? Proceed to any Pag-IBIG office because if your loan is not yet fully paid, it will negatively affect your ability to get another loan.

Sir , nabasa ko kasi sa mga previous post nyo po na effective july 1 , eh hindi na maari magbayad ng one time sa 24 months contribution required sa POP para makapagloan ng housing loan… kailangan eh kompletuhin nya for 2 years 24 months bago makapagloan sa POP… tanong ko po, active member po ako ng PAGIBIG 1, nabasa ko po na di masasama lahat ng cntributions ko sa pagibig 1 if ever magaapply ako ng POP..

Magkano po ba ang kailangan na monthly contribution ko for atleast 2 years para makapagloan sa POP housing ng 2M? Too high loan amount and too little salary to cover it. I did not contribute regularly since I worked in the desert and far from the city. I got a housing loan last for 5 years and finished last July When my wife claimed the title of the house and lot, Pag ibig personnel refused to give because I did not finished my monthly contribution.

Is it necessary to complete my contribution before I can claim the title? During our briefing, our contribution is like our savings, can we claim that amount after completing within the maturity period?

Please, advice me what will I do so that I can claim the title. Can you send me an e-mail joeltorrentira yahoo. Regards and more power.

I can only hope that you read this. There are documents to be filled up here and since you are based abroad, the SPA is needed to officially recognize your mom to be your representative and transact on your behalf. The price that you see is the selling price.

There might be a discount if you pay in cash. The interest is only applicable if you decide to finance it using a housing loan. Is it possible to continue again my membership on the said program or do I have to apply a new one. Did you retire and live permanently here in the country?

Please remember that only active members can avail of a loan. So the first thing you need to do it activate your membership. Please take time to read the articles on this website because some of your questions are already addressed in some articles.

If I will start to start my membership here in Dubai, do I need to pay that same amount or it only applies when I am in Pinas as required before getting the OEC. In addition to this, since there will be no lump sum payment of 24 months to avail the housing loan, what if before reaching the 24 month period, the OFW plans to go back to Pinas and choose to stay for good and still wishing to continue the payment until its 24th month, can he still avail the housing loan under the POP scheme?

Is there any alternative contact number which I can make use of? I have just called the Consulate Office in Dubai and they told me that the 24 months lump sum payment to avail the housing loan is still valid until 30th September and the application for the loan should have been submitted to them on or before 1st October otherwise, the application for the loan can only be submitted one year after you have completed the 24 months payment e.

Kindly clarify this matter as one of your reply said that the lump sum payment of 24 monthly contributions have been halted commencing 1st July If I were you, I should take advantage of that. I understand 24 months payment donot anymore apply these days instead we have to really wait for 24 months of actively paying contributions before loan could be granted. By this time,i think the original price for the house and lot would have doubled thus the amount we would be applying for loan wont be enough now so we have to increase our loan but it will leave us coping for higher payment to pag-ibig.

I honestly hope Pag-ibig could forsee this happening,if we are made to wait for 24 months before we could apply for loan. I hope to be a member not just because it will serve as savings i have other forms of savings like SSS and bank savings but because of the oppotunitythe agency gives for OFW like us who has limited salary, to HELP reach our dreams in a way differently from other agencies.

We plan to come home this year supposively to hunt for our future home but we have second thoughts now after learning that we could no longer avail for loan coz we are just starting to be a member of pag-ibig this year as required by the govt. I still hope we could manage to get the house and lot we dreamed. Vice President Jejomar C. This comment is intentionally truncated. Please refrain from posting articles in another website to this one.

That is a violation of the Copyright Law and this is also not the proper venue to do that. Please, if you think an external article serves your point, simply make a reference to it so that interested visitors can visit it anytime they want. SPA at Post dated check, bakit po kaylangan ba yong postdated check e dito ko naman babayaran sa abroad yong 24 months contribution? Maybe you have did not understand the agent when he says you need to issue a number of Post dated checks. And by the way, getting a Checking Account is the way to go since you are there overseas.

How to update my passbook of my POP?. I am planning to apply housing loan. You may even request for a print-out of all your contributions. May tanong lang po ako, Bago po ako nagpunta ng ibang bansa nag apply po ako ng Pag ibig pero iyong voluntarily lang taong , gusto ko po sanang maghulog pero hindi ko alam kung paano nandito po ako sa vienna austria.

You can do it right here in the Philippines when you come back to the country. As for the payments, there are accredited banks that you can use or you can do it over the counter at any Pag-IBIG Office. Actually i am a member from i think. Im here in Dubai and since i have resigned from the my last job in the Phils i havent contributed for 2 yrs now.

How does it works? I hope you could give me a good advice…Thanks and more power. Your contributions in Pag-IBIG 1 will still be there and you can claim it together with all its earnings when it matures. And just as the same, you can consolidate all these contributions and claim it at maturity. Hi, I would like to ask that if I will pay the 24months contribution ahead, I can instantly apply for housing loan….

Can I also adapt or transfer my partners pag-ibig housing loan on my behalf, And I shall continue the payments, since we are not yet married until this time. Here is the answer to your question. Thank you and mabuhay! Because the explanation of the agent to us is like this..

Yes, all of your contributions are just there earning dividends. You may want to request from any office a print-out of all your previous contributions. There you will also see your Member ID Number. P , is a lot of money for that small investment of 2, USD roughly P , I am an OFW here in Bahrain. I applied for POP membership on May and paid for 24 months since we are considering to apply for Pag-ibig housing loan. The agent advised me to pay the minimum mandatory-OFW contribution that is Php per month for the month lump sum.

The agent told me that with this, I can apply for the loan and if I want to consider a higher loan or upgrade my desired loan, I can pay there and then at any Pag-ibig office and this will not be a problem since I already paid the month lump-sum before July As you see it Admin, will there be any problem for me applying for Pag-ibig loan? Please browse this website for that specific topic. An article about that has already been written. If I would be granted for 2m loan for my housing construction what would be my monthly ammortization, please reply thanks.

I am an OFW in abu dhabi. I paid my POP membership for 24months. The pag-ibig incharge here told me that I can avail the loan immidiately. Pero nang mag punta sa Pag-ibig regional office sa Iloilo yung aking sister the one in-charge in housing loan dept. Indi daw pwede ang advance payment kung kukuha ka nang loan. Ano po ba ang totoo dito? If you happen to have read the FAQ Section we mentioned there that paying the whole 24 months for just one time is not anymore a valid requirement for one to apply for a housing loan.

It could be that the in-charge here in Abu Dhabi is not aware of this rule — not unusual for government agencies. I stop after May and worked abroad. Now i want to avail for a housing worth 2M. Is it possible that my loan would be granted. My current salary is K. How much do I still need to pay after consolidating my previous contributions to be able to update my membership and avail for the said loan.

First, you need to reactivate your membership. And then you can apply. Your income is one factor to be considered for approval.

Is there a way were we can see the list of the pag-ibig representatives or agents in the country were we are working? Are we entitled now for the housing loan.

Please check the FAQ Page. The answer is there, but the best article to address that is this one. I want to avail of the Pagibig Housing Loan. Right now my application is in process at Avida Real Estate office in Makati. Wantto know the requirements for and please give the right website who i can read about Pag-ibig. Thank you very much. Good day to all of u pag ibig fund staff. I think what you really want is to apply for a loan.

Just want to ask po about ur housing loan or lot loan. Im Mark working here at Taiwan, i just want to know if how much maximum loan can you offer i applied for housing loan. Member na po ako ng Pag ibig with ID no. Eventually di ko na po ipinatuloy kc mahirap pong mag ayos ng mga documents without my presence. Kung mag aaply po ba ulit ako ng loan will I start po ba ulit fron the beggining.

I wanted to buy property in Philippines through Pag-ibig Fund. I live overseas permanently but have a secure income.

Am I eligible to become a member of the Pag-ibig Overseas Program.. Can u please direct me to the right website so i can get all the information i needed…. Anyway,my question is,on february im planning to start to build my house. Will they still allow me to pay the rest of the lump sum 24months?

Thank you so much and more power to you! Ofw po ako nasa dubai at ang binabayad ko buwan2 pesos po. Totoo po ba ito? Hi, i had a house and lot loan which is already fully paid this year..

The said loan was availed when i was still employed. Now that i am processing the title of the fully paid property, i was asked to pay the contributions i missed since i resigned on year And another thing i discovered, my contributions reflected with Pag-ibig is only until Sept , in fact i was contributing till i resigned in How can this be?

The contributions of my previous officemates during this period is complete. How come my record is not when we were submitting reports to Pag-ibig in one list only…and my name is among them?.. I am very sure the company remitted because i was the accountant that time. Yes, the membership contributions is required and should be paid together with the monthly amortization. I think your scheduled amortization should already include this amount, which should just be minimal.

If you can prove it to them, they have a lot of explaining to do. And by the way, this kind of anomalies do happen. This coming November i got my 3 months holiday in the Philippines kindly help me where i can find there office. I live in Nueva Vizcaya,Phil. Now my wife is a Goverment employee and she purchased a lot thru Pagibig payable for 15 years. My question is can I avail a housing loan to constract a new house in the lot that my wife purchased? This lot is still on going payment.

How long the processing if ever I can avail a housing loan and what are the document needed for processing? The first thing to do is to ask your developer when house construction is allowed on that particular lot.

Once you have determined this, you and your wife can then tack-in your Pag-IBIG contributions and apply one loan for the house construction. Good morning , Im a 2years living in Canada. At kung pwede pa po bang icontinue ang pagcontribute ko dahil na stop po ng 2years. Maraming salamat po and im expecting your reply thru email. Hello po, Member po ako sa PAG-IBIG since pro hindi po continous yung contribution ko kc po palipat lipat ako ng trabaho at saka ngtambay din po ako ng almost 7 months.

As far as I remember, hindi pa ako umabot ng 24 months contribution at ang huling contribution ko ay noong April Nasa abroad na po ako ngayon ngtatrabaho at gusto ko pong icontinue yung membership at contribution ko kaso lng ang dinala kng family name dito ay yung singleness ko at ang PAG-IBIG record ko sa Pinas ay married. Hindi po ba mkaapekto yun sa contribution ko?

Kng saka-sakali mg-avail ako ng housing loan, hindi po ba mgconflict sa record ko dito sa aborad at dyan sa Pinas? Mgkano po ang contribution ng isang OFW?

Ang inaalala ko po kc yung visa at contract ko dito ay single while dyan sa Pinas ay married. I would really appreciate kng matutulungan po ninyo ako sa concern ko. Thank you very much!

The important thing to do once you are back to the Philippines is to upgrade your record civil status from single to married and then ask them to consolidate all your contributions.

I have an existing vacant lot and planned to construct a house ASAP. As I went through the requirements for the loan, I think my problem would be the seminar since my residence is not in the PI. Can my husband attend the seminar in my behalf? The TCT has annotation of sec. I want to apply house construction loan for this lot.

Can I apply for a house construction loan for this lot with the TCT bearing the annotation? The lot is located in a subdivision in Davao City. I have more than 24 monthly contributions and my husband has contributed in POP for more than 24 months also. Please help, I want to build a house to where my parents live. Ano po dapat ko gawin, gusto ko po sana eh dun ako sa OFW programs kasama. Since I am in need of money, is it possible for me to apply for loan here in Saudi Arabia?

There are many ways of sending your payment, the best on I think is to issue a set of Post dated checks. Please ask your wife to follow-up on your membership status details. Better yet, ask for a print-out of your contributions. Sir, meron po akong loan last pero after a month or 2 i was laid off work and had been unemployed since then.

I did not get to finish paying my loan. Meron na po akong work ngaun, i would advise my new employer of my loan pero i dont have the voucher anymore…. Yung answer moy kay Anne ay parang naiinis ka na sa paulit ulit na tanong. Asahan mo na yun. Can I request to transfer my contributions as OFW. When can I start paying my mo. And how many mos. Hi i just want to know how can i update my Pag Ibig Fund.

I used to work in the Philipppines for 2. But now that im here in dubai, i still wanted to continue it. So in the future i can use it. Thanks and hope to hear from you. The MPL Loan is setup in such a way as it will use your past contributions if you will not pay it. Yes, thanks for the inputs. I can assure you that we are trying our best answer each of your questions. It may have been addressed already in the previous articles. OFW po kami at wla po kaming time mag aswa pumunta sa labor office to ask for it.

I live and work in England for 5 years now. I would like to be a pag-ibig member and what are your requirements?. I would like to purchase a condo unit in Manila worth million pesos. If I become a pag-ibig member and prove the capacity of paying the house can I get the loan straight away?

Thanks and waiting for your reply. I m trying to log-on to your site http: What seems to be the problem? I would like to ask if this will be possible and be counted as my payments for the months? My question is the Total Accumulated Value in Dollor is not mentioned in the passbook. Please advise how can i consulidate the total value accumulated.

You have to personally request it from the office. Please ask for a list of all your contributions. Good day…gusto ko sana magpa member sa pag ibig…d2 po ako ngayon sa saudi,,,ano po dapat gamit para magpa member sa pag ibig…. Ngayon plano kong mag avail ng housing loan kaya lang nabasa ko dito na kailangan ay naka 24 months na hulog, Qualified ba ako sa para loan? What should i do?. My husband is a former AFP soldier and been enlisted for years. Can he consolidate his contributions once he applied for the POP program?

He is currently working in Singapore. We also availed of a housing loan and he was my co maker. Can he still avail of another housing loan?

What number could I call?

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Is there an existing law or agreement in Pagibig Oveseas Program upon entering membership that prevents to withdraw your savings if you have an existing housing loan?

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