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Europäische ölfirmen; (competing with the likes of Nigeria will workers return Careers l Jobs l Oil & Gas Career l Start Your Future here Top Ten Tips to. Tanzania has shown a big spike in Bitcoin trading with Nigeria $7K bringing all top coins up with it Top 5 ten one yst.


Die Zahlen sind in Milliarden US-Dollar angegeben und beziehen sich, wenn nicht anders angegeben, auf den Börsenkurs vom Die Tabelle enthält die von der Zeitschrift Forbes Magazine am Dabei wurden die Platzierungen der Unternehmen in den gleich gewichteten Kategorien zu einem Rang zusammengezählt.

Liste Unternehmen Liste wirtschaftliche Rekorde. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 8. So where is Europe now? Where does our travel go now? It is no more just National and European — it has become Global. This new century needs a new dialogue — we will have young people plus from Russia and others.

The outcomes will be presented to the European Parliament. We all have the feeling that Europe is stuck — and we must discuss the direction we want to develop. It will be a rediscovery of what Europe was intended to be — not really just springing new ideas. This is how he sees it — but acknowledges that some might see this differently. The intent of this Congress will be — What tools exist for next generations to move on?

How do we get these young people that will be able to discuss this — and in a short time come up with proposals for actions that are arrived at by consensus? There are other living platforms — like the Peace Platform for Europe, and we believe that the 21st Century will lead Europe to Free Life — like no need of Passports.

The Peace Project needs to have present conflicts removed — those because of cultural differences that we forgot to deal with when dealing with the Economic Project. We did not discuss the alternatives of how Europe should evolve. Alternatives are Democratization or re-Nationalism. He is President of a Communities Foundation Gemeinde Stiftung that is not a one-time thing — but a base for future follow-ups. He addresses the Minister that he hopes the Government will back this.

So, what I heard here is that Mr. Katzmair is approaching the government to make clear that this exercise will have follow-ups. This is what the Government wants — the establishing of a European model. That is why we invite people from the other Europe as well. Why is Austria a base for such discussion?

Good neighboring has to be our future. The Government made available , Euro and an additional , Euro will come from the Private Sector. How will you find the youth and what will be their age? Russia and others — very interesting. What about 40 year olds?

With 7 million unemployed — how do you bring this into your politics? There is a Youth Forum. On the Agenda of the youth is youth unemployment. There is a Peace Project, there is the issue of Travel Freedom — we really have no recipe book. The people will meet for 30 days here. We will then make sure they continue the story in their own countries. Among the organizers of this election process will be: We want most participants to be from Civil Society not to get a selection of Socialists and Christian Democrat networks.

We prefer unaffiliated thinkers that were not yet indoctrinated by old ideas. What do we think? Three weeks of day and night of this is a first. Up to now such mind storms lasted only days with maximum a 5th day thrown in. The University of Vienna has its own Jubilee next year. With all this coming to Vienna next year — it is all very attractive. We hope for a positive dialogue between the political and social platforms.

The age group — 18 to 28 and Russia is a very important part of this dialogue. The extent of the Europe we envision includes eastwards Kazakhstan. So we have many cultures and there must be solutions to new conflicts. The Location — A Schloss near Vienna was mentioned but I did not note it correctly and did not get yet to check on it.

What about the young people that were not born in Europe? The strong influence from the Arab Space. Will such be invited as observers, but will those born in Europe be part of the discussion? It is not about language — it is about living together. The people elected to be participants will include representatives of immigration. There are hundreds of thousands young people social entrepreneurs in Europe. The Vienna Congress did forbid slavery and it talked of Human Rights.

So, this is part of our trying to learn from history and see how the young look to the future. The young who not exactly remember the past.

There are four aspects to the Islamic Law Issue. These include the demand their communities to be run according to their own law and want the Islamic organization to be recognized as in charge of carrying them out. They want the creation of an Islamic religious faculty and want to be funded by interested outsiders. The list of SDGs includes poverty eradication, food security, health, education, inclusive economic growth and industrialization, reducing inequality, safer cities, energy for all, sustainable ecosystems, sustainable natural and marine resources exploitation, combating climate change, and promoting peaceful inclusive societies with access to justice for all, and accountable institutions.

At the ACUNS Vienna Conference, senior UN representatives will speak in interactive panels with diplomats, academics, and students about the activities they are pursuing to reach these objectives. The discussion will address whether these new goals are repackaging the preceding MDGs, and the extent to which the Vienna-based Agencies are committing their efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

Tuesday, January 13, Additional Events 9: ACUNS exists to stimulate, support, and disseminate research, analysis on the United Nations, multilateralism, and international organization. Yparraguirre, Ambassador of the Philippines to Austria Speakers: Walther Lichem, Professor, f.

Austrian Ambassador to Canada. Anniko Szalai, Professor, University of Szeged. Ivana Kristic, Professor, University of Belgrade. Sustainable Cities and Personal Security: Mantl your regards and he reciprocated them. This was a preview for a Charity auction at Sotheby to benefit operation Bobbi Bear in partnership with Arms Around the Child, which will take place on Monday, December 8th.

Mantl and another Austrian gentleman Mr. Gery Keszler are involved in the Life Ball in Vienna and those bears are designed by celebrities and will be auctioned off. This seems to be a huge problem there. A few bears were on display tonight and sold!

Jackie Brandfield — is an incredible lady from South Africa. She runs this NGO from Durban. I came very early and started talking to her without knowing who she was at first and we connected right away.

I have her card and we became friends although she understood that I am not in the league of the bidders. The children here are 5,6,7,8, years old and got aids because they were raped by people who had aids in the believe that this will help cure the AIDS. This was something I heard years ago in South Africa. Above resonates because while I was in Johannesburg for the UN Global Summit, a lady of Scottish extract, helping out at my bed and breakfast Boer place, took me to visit an orphanage that was home to such children, and for which she did voluntary work.

She herself got interested because her son, of mixed race, a jazz musician, was living in a relationship with a black musician who contracted the virus. I was all amazed of complex human side of the new post-apartheid country. All volunteers there were church driven whites.

She succeeds Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal of Austria to whom the Secretary-General is grateful for his commitment and dedicated service to the Organization. Gallach brings to the position a wealth of experience in communication, information, public diplomacy, international affairs and security policy, combined with transformational leadership and hands-on management expertise. She is also an experienced newspaper, radio and television journalist. The extent of the destruction was actually greater than reported.

Later estimates were that as many as 7, Jewish shops were looted, and there were several incidents of rape. This, in the twisted ideology of Nazism, was worse than murder, because the racial laws forbade intercourse between Jews and gentiles. The rapists were expelled from the Nazi Party and handed over to the police for prosecution. And those who killed Jews? To add insult to massive injury, those Jews who survived the monstrous pogrom were forced to pay for the damage inflicted upon them.

Insurance firms teetered on the verge of bankruptcy because of the claims. Hermann Goering came up with a solution: Insurance money due the victims was to be confiscated by the state, and part of the money would revert back to the insurance companies to keep them afloat. The reaction around the world was one of revulsion at the barbarism into which Germany was sinking. The Fall of the Berlin Wall — a development started by a Hungarian Government that was ready to help East Germans escape, at a time that a Soviet Government under President Mikhail Gorbachev did not think it was worth opposing it, helped reunite Germany and make possible a renewal of German strength.

Germany became a motor for the unification of Europe and eventually history will show that what the Germans could not achieve by going to war against Europe — they did eventually achieve since the the Fall of the dividing Berlin Wall and the creation of the EU. But does this allow others to forget the Holocaust? We pick some other historical events that occurred on November 9th — our choice was so that we looked to some relevance to above mentioned three events.

The list we found had listings. This is the largest civil settlement in United States history. Adopted at the end of December, the new rules have already resulted in a big decrease in spending on traditional infrastructure — such as roads — and a leap in spending on green and ICT projects.

Red tape — also in the member states. But he does suggest that, in future, GDP — or how rich a region is — should not be the only criteria for determining whether it should qualify for EU money. Vienna, Austria — December A world without nuclear weapons is a goal shared by all humanity.

Yet, so far, it has remained elusive. Today, nine states are believed to possess nuclear weapons, but as nuclear technology is becoming more available, more states, and even non-state actors, may strive to develop nuclear weapons in the future.

As long as nuclear weapons exist, the risk of their use by design, miscalculation or madness, technical or human error, remains real. Nuclear weapons, therefore, continue to bear an unacceptable risk to humanity and to all life on earth. Any use of nuclear weapons could cause gravest humanitarian emergencies and have catastrophic global consequences on the environment, climate, health, social order, human development and the economy.

A single detonation of a modern nuclear weapon would cause destruction and human suffering on a scale far exceeding the devastation seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No State or international body would be able to provide adequate assistance. Nuclear weapons continue to pose an existential threat to all humankind. These risks are not abstract. They are real, more serious than previously known and can never be eliminated completely. In the past few years, a growing number of states and many civil society actors focussed on the humanitarian consequences and risks associated with nuclear weapons through different national, regional and international events and activities.

Two international conferences were devoted specifically to this issue; in Oslo, Norway, in March and Nayarit, Mexico, in February This increased focus on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons is an important development and has a positive and uniting effect on international discussions about nuclear weapons. The more the international community discusses and understands the scale of these consequences and of the risks involved, the clearer the case and the stronger the sense of urgency become for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The government of Austria is proud to host the 3rd international conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons which will take place on 8 and 9 December at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

With this conference, Austria wishes to strengthen the global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime and to contribute to the growing momentum to firmly anchor the humanitarian imperative in all global efforts dealing with nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament. International organizations and civil society representatives with relevant expertise will also be welcome;. Brussels — With only three weeks to go before the European Council is to make a final decision on new climate goals for , six Central and Eastern European countries have declared their opposition to the proposed targets.

In an effort to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, the European Commission proposed in January several targets for Greenhouse gas emissions should be 40 percent lower; the market share of renewable energy should be 27 percent and energy efficiency should be improved by 30 percent.

However, the ministers and deputy ministers for environment of six Central and Eastern European countries, declared on Tuesday September 30 their opposition to binding targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The energy mix differs greatly among member states and reaching the targets will be easier for some than others. The EU share of renewable energy consumption was Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic are below that average, with shares between 9.

Most of the six rely heavily on coal, which is one of the energy sources that emits the most carbon dioxide. The question then is, which targets will be binding for the whole of EU, and which for each individual member state. A group of 13 mostly western and northern European states, called the Green Growth Group, is in favour of a binding greenhouse gas target of 40 percent for member states.

A Meeting intended to help shape the new development agenda for next decade. At the LLDC Conference, participants from governments of LLDCs, transit developing countries and donor countries, UN and other international organizations and the private sector will come together to shape the new development agenda for the landlocked developing countries for the next decade. The Conference will be preceded, where necessary, by regional and global as well as thematic preparations in a most effective, well-structured and broad participatory manner.

Intergovernmental mechanisms at the global and regional levels, including those of the United Nations Regional Commissions, as well as relevant substantive material and statistical data, should be effectively utilized in the review process. Comprehensively and critically assess the implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action APoA , with the view to identify effective international and domestic policies in the light of the outcome of the comprehensive appraisal, as well as new and emerging challenges and opportunities and the means to address them, and develop a new common action-oriented strategic framework for the next decade.

Reaffirm the global commitment to addressing the special needs of the landlocked developing countries, in particular those related to infrastructure development, transit and trade facilitation, policy framework, in order to reduce prohibitive transit costs and enable those countries to fully participate in the global trade.

Mobilize additional international support measures in favour of the landlocked developing countries, and in this regard, formulate and adopt a renewed partnership between the landlocked developing countries, transit developing countries and their development partners. Develop a more efficient monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the successful implementation of the new programme of action by an effective functioning of existing arrangements at national, sub-regional, regional and global levels.

The Unique Muslim institution of the Caliphate returned to the global stage June 29, , and its capital is at the Harun al-Rashid seat of Raqqa, Syria. Following its eventual demise more serious efforts might emerge from the Saudi and Iranian regimes declaring themselves as the competing reconstituted new true Caliphates.

The article below began life as a presentation at a Muslim conference in Toronto a week ago and is today published in Turkish and English by a newspaper in Turkey. Without warning, the ancient and long powerless institution of the caliphate returned to life on June 29, What does this event augur?

The classic concept of the caliphate — of a single successor to Muhammad ruling a unified Muslim state — lasted just over a century and expired with the emergence of two caliphs in CE. The power of the caliphate collapsed in about the year CE. After a prolonged, shadowy existence, the institution disappeared altogether in The only subsequent efforts at revival were trivial, such as the so-called Kalifatsstaat in Cologne, Germany.

In other words, the caliphate has been inoperative for about a millennium and absent for about a century. His actual birth date is debatable, and various sources give dates from to March 24, AD, Tous, Iran. Al-Rashid ruled from to , during the peak of the Islamic Golden Age.

His time was marked by scientific , cultural , and religious prosperity. Islamic art and music also flourished significantly during his reign. In , he moved his court and government to Ar-Raqqah in modern-day Syria.

Since Harun was intellectually, politically, and militarily resourceful, his life and his court have been the subject of many tales. Some are claimed to be factual, but most are believed to be fictitious.

An example of what is factual, is the story of the clock that was among various presents that Harun had sent to Charlemagne. The presents were carried by the returning Frankish mission that came to offer Harun friendship in Charlemagne and his retinue deemed the clock to be a conjuration for the sounds it emanated and the tricks it displayed every time an hour ticked.

Caliphs of Baghdad — I have predicted that this Islamic State, despite its spectacular rise, will not survive: No matter how calamitous the fate of Caliph Ibrahim and his grim crew, they have successfully resurrected a central institution of Islam, making the caliphate again a vibrant reality. Islamists around the world will treasure its moment of brutal glory and be inspired by it.

Now that the ice is broken, other ambitious Islamists will act more boldly by declaring themselves caliph. There may well be a proliferation of them in different regions, from Nigeria to Somalia to Afghanistan to Indonesia and beyond.

Declaring a caliphate has major implications, making it attractive to jihadis across the umma the worldwide Muslim community and compelling it to acquire sovereign control of territory.

The Saudi state has taken on a quasi-caliphal role since the formal disappearance of the Ottoman caliphate in With the emergence of the Raqqa caliphate, the Saudi king and his advisors will be sorely tempted to declare their own version. This profusion of caliphs will further exacerbate the anarchy and internecine hostility among Muslim peoples.

Disillusion will quickly set in. Caliphates will not bring personal security, justice, economic growth, or cultural achievement. One after another, these self-declared universal states will collapse, be overrun, or let lapse their grandiose claims. This caliphate-declaring madness will end some decades hence, with a return to roughly the pre-June 29, , conditions. Looking back then on the caliphal eruption, it will appear as an anachronistic anomaly, an obstacle to modernizing the umma , and a bad dream.

In short, declaring the caliphate on June 29 was a major event; and the caliphate is an institution whose time has long passed and, therefore, whose revival bodes much trauma.

Historic Myth or Future Reality? History , Islam This text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete and accurate information provided about its author, date, place of publication, and original URL.

Laxenburg, Austria, 20 August The mixes of religion and ethnicity in society are changing in Vienna, Europe, and the world. IIASA research provides a demographic perspective. Religion is a key factor in demography, important for projections of future population growth as well as for other social indicators. A new journal, Yearbook of International Religious Demography , is the first to bring a quantitative demographic focus to the study of religion.

But while in , a majority of those immigrants came from Turkey and the former Yugoslavia, in the immigrant population was far more diverse, including many newcomers from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. This decline is due to both an increase in religious disaffiliation as well as an influx of people of different religions, the study shows. The outer districts of Vienna, by contrast, are mainly home to people born in Austria with a catholic religious affiliation.

The study estimated religious distribution by age and sex for 42 countries — the first to provide such a detailed demographic analysis over all of Europe. It shows that the Christian population is relatively old, with a median age of A third paper published in the new journal provides the methodology behind the Pew Research Global Religious Landscape Study published in , the most thorough demographic analysis to date of global religious populations.

The study also found that roughly one-in-six people around the globe had no religious affiliation. The report included estimates of the religious composition of over countries and territories and, for the first time ever, median age data for followers of each religion.

The study documented a wide gulf between the median age of Muslims 23 and Jews In Austria — Sustainability preached by Church and Science. According to a recent research, conducted by Didier Sornette and Spencer.. The fully loaded cost of to mine Bitcoin next year, is going to be like..

The cryptocurrency will surge for the next two Bitcoin in To do some very simple math: In 1 week Bitcoin price prediction on Tuesday, November, In the beginning price at 1. In the beginning price at 6.

Nigerias Öl: Was bleibt vom Boom?

This report by WHO sounds like a flash back to last year.

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Teilweise läuft man Statuen oder anderen Steinmetzarbeiten über den Weg; meist aber nur Schaf-, Ziegen-, Kuh- und Pferdeherden das ist besonders abends eher unentspannt, wenn die Herden über die Autobahnen getrieben werden. In an October 19, interview with Seymour Hersh, Ritter claimed that regime change, rather than disarmament, has been the primary objective of President George H.

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