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Dow Jones Industrial Average Forecast: Years 2018 to 2020


Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI) the Economy can do 30, without issue, politics may get in the way. Europe is dying, the USA needs to resolve it’s trade war issues in a positive way and the Democrats need to get out of Trump’s way. Best Tech Stocks in the Dow Index The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has eclipsed $20, What investors and analysts alike hungrily awaited followed soon after the beginning of the new.

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Gann is an investing legend, labeled as genius by many financial historians. His superior track record and those of others using his methods argues that, regardless of our opinion of his methodology, we should heed the advice of his work. A more detailed explanation of his analytical framework is included in the last section of this article. The Dow Jones Industrial Average forecast, in the graph above, is based upon the natural year cycle that Gann identified.

The lines in the graph show the projected monthly cumulative percentage returns from the peak level. The yellow line is the average scenario and the aqua line is the pessimistic scenario.

The graph provides monthly estimates for The last data point represents June , which covers the entire month period from December My average scenario forecasts a The cumulative price return is forecast to bottom in June at My pessimistic scenario forecasts a The cumulative price return is forecast to be little-changed in June at However, the natural cause of the year cycle first occurred in Accordingly, a proper analysis of the year cycle must begin with as a starting point.

The year cycles, from the inception of the NYSE, consist of the following time periods: Due to limitations of acquiring historical data, the data set of the Dow Jones Average used in this analysis consists of monthly closing prices beginning in January , the sixth year cycle.

To use the data effectively and prepare a forecast, I compare the progression of the current year cycle with the previous five year cycles, beginning in DJI continued its record march as investors looked for new opportunities under President Donald Trump. Sentiments have been bullish since the indication from the Trump administration to invest heavily in building infrastructure, which would lead to….

However, as the dust settled, investors realized that Donald Trump as president may actually be good news for stocks. It was a clean sweep…. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is soaring after a rough start to the year.

Is it time to buy? There are three indicators that every…. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped to as high…. Investors continued to assess minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee and…. You can unsubscribe at any time. Credit Card is NOT required.

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Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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