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Data confirm investors are drawn to funds, including low-cost mutual funds, that dwell in the bottom quintiles of their respective peer groups in terms of fees. Robinhood is a first of its kind broker that offers "free trades" with zero commissions and in this review we will go over why any serious trader should avoid them.


 · The cost of producing a barrel of oil and gas varies widely across the world, setting up winners and losers as the price of crude fluctuates at historically low levels.

Some venues offer premium services for clients needing the quickest solutions. This is one of the areas where most delay can be added, due to the distances involved, amount of processing by internal routing engines, hand off between different networks and the sheer amount of data which is being sent, received and processed from various data venues. However, when measuring latency of data we need to account for the fiber optic cable.

Although it seems "pure", it is not a vacuum and therefore refraction of light needs to be accounted for. For measuring latency in long-haul networks, the calculated latency is actually 4. In shorter metro networks, the latency performance rises a bit more due to building risers and cross-connects that can make the latency as high as 5 microseconds per kilometre.

It follows that to calculate latency of a connection, one needs to know the full distance travelled by the fiber, which is rarely a straight line, since it has to traverse geographic contours and obstacles, such as roads and railway tracks, as well as other rights-of-way. Due to imperfections in the fiber, light degrades as it is transmitted through it.

For distances greater than kilometres, either amplifiers or regenerators need to be deployed. Accepted wisdom has it that amplifiers add less latency than regenerators, though in both cases the added latency can be highly variable, which needs to be taken into account. In particular, legacy spans are more likely to make use of higher latency regenerators. However, it is included for completeness. As with delays between Exchange and Application, many trades will involve a brokerage firm 's systems.

The competitiveness of the brokerage firm in many cases is directly related to the performance of their order placement and management systems. Average latency is the mean average time for a message to be passed from one point to another - the lower the better.

Times under 1 millisecond are typical for a market data system. Co-location is the act of locating high frequency trading firms' and proprietary traders' computers in the same premises where an exchange's computer servers are located. This gives traders access to stock prices slightly before other investors. Many exchanges have turned co-location into a significant moneymaker by charging trading firms for "low latency access" privileges.

Increasing demand for co-location has led many stock exchanges to expand their data centers. There are many use cases where predictability of latency in message delivery is just as important, if not more important than achieving a low average latency. This latency predictability is also referred to as "Low Latency Jitter" and describes a deviation of latencies around the mean latency measurement. Throughput can be defined as amount of data processed per unit of time.

Throughput refers to the number of messages being received, sent and processed by the system and is usually measured in updates per second. Throughput has a correlation to latency measurements and typically as the message rate increases so do the latency figures.

Clock accuracy is paramount when testing the latency between systems. Any discrepancies will give inaccurate results. Many tests involve locating the publishing node and the receiving node on the same machine to ensure the same clock time is being used.

Reducing latency in the order chain involves attacking the problem from many angles. By using a combination of online recruitment, traditional recruitment agency and job board advertising strategies, AWD online can offer businesses the best of both worlds when it comes to recruiting new people and filling job vacancies. We are technology and people driven, which are key elements to ensure the online recruitment process is as effective as possible for our clients and candidates.

Our online recruitment team will always be available to talk to you about your online recruitment campaigns or job search, and can be contacted on: Our Online Recruitment Team will optimise the job advert with key words and industry terminology for your approval. Our multi-job board advertising and CV sourcing packages are designed to offer flexibility, reduce recruitment costs, help target more job seekers and provide the following benefits:.

Gary and his team at AWD were clients of mine for Travelex recruitment. We had the huge task recruiting for Travelex at London Heathrow and I could not have achieved the numbers required without their help. The service provided at such a professional prompt manor was outstanding and at an affordable low cost.

I would recommend any company big or small to use AWD to supply CVs for candidates at all levels without footing high recruitment company charges from agencies. I've used AWD online whilst working for two very different organisations and Gary and his team adapted so well to each set of needs.

They deliver such a friendly, straight forward and efficient service - the relationship really is a value add to your recruitment or HR team.

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