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Boeing 737-800


Diese Art der Instagram Fotos haben dich schon immer fasziniert. Da wären die mit dem perfekten rosa-blauen Himmel, den flockigen Wolken und den Sonnenstrahlen, während seitlich ein . Ryanair now offers Premium seats in rows , 16, 17, 32, and Which gives travelers priority boarding, extra legroom and faster disembarking for a fee of €17/£ Standard seats in rows and travelers can preselect any seat in these rows for a fee of €5/£5. Priority Boarding can be added as well for an extra €2/£2.

Ryanair Seat Maps

Ryanair betreibt nur Flugzeuge diesen Typs aufgrund es einfachen Flottenmanagements. Die Boeing ist auch unter dem Namen Boeing bekannt. Die Boeing ist auch unter dem Namen Boeing bekannt.

Ryanair Premium seats do NOT have more legspace, except those in the first rows and emergency exit rows. Premium seats come with priority embarking and debarking. You get off the plane faster. Good seat with two windows and is just behind the flaps so excellent for videography which I do, link to see the views although dark https: But overall good for short haul flights. Comfortable seat and decent view and yes the leg room was good.

I tend to disagree with those who said seat 33 a-f are bad seats First of all they had the same legroom as 31 and The flushing was practically inaudible and on a 4 hour flight to UK, we were very comfortable considering legroom Perfect Wing view and Great Flight. Good seat, plenty of room. Knees a couple of inches from the row ahead unlike row No issues with 22C. Seat 15C has very little legroom, even by Ryanair standards, indeed, looking at other reviews it seems to be an entire row where a couple of inches were sacrificed.

I was beside two quite petite Asian women and their knees were touching the back of the seats ahead. The seat belts are a tad short, ok i'm not alm, but have never had an issue before. Row 33 on Ryanair's s has much more leg room than otyer seats. Also very comfortable so I don't understand why you call it a bad seat.

First time I fly with Ryanair, and i liked it, quick smooth no problems. The flight was completely full, I was asked to leave my suitcase for check in. Easy take off and landing. As with all aisle seats on this aircraft I had retricted foot space under seat in front because of seat support.

This make is very difficult when you have to put your had bag and your feet under the seat. My companion sat in b and defnately had more foot space. It also appeared that the aisle seats are slightly narrower than other seats.

There is nothing on Ryanair to indicate there is no window for seat 11a when booking!! Even the Ryanair Chat line host did not know that until I quoted your seat plan!!!!! As a fairly large and tallish cm guy I found this seat pretty nice.

Passengers in 2E and 2F could get past without me having to stand up and the major benefit of the isle seat over the other two is you get to be the fourth person off the plane. However it is the tightest seat I have been in on a plane but acceptable for an hour or two and was worth it for the leg space. As with all Ryan air seats the padding is thin and after 90mins was becoming uncomfortable. The only thing that I really disliked is that half of the people boarding the plane hit me with their bags on the way past.

Passengers in 2E and 2F could get past without me having to stand up and the only benefit of the isle seat over the other tow is you get to be the fourth person off the plane. It is tight and you need to be aware of what is in your pockets but acceptable for an hour or two. Only real downside is half of the people boarding the plane hit me with their bags. The extra seat cost was worth it in my opinion.

I love this seat. Ryanair FR - Krakow-Eindhoven aircraft. Not enough leg space for tall persons. I'm and I was fine but my neighbor was way taller and looked quite uncomfortable. I seat on 6A seat with window. This seat is good for me. Seat between two windows. Was fine but cannot understand why Ryanair stopped letting you check hand luggage. Was easier for the customer and staff. No problems with seat or airline. Not the best airline ive flown with but its cheap and does the trick, was fine for a flight from manchester to majorca and would use them again.

I am 6' 2'' cm and I have long legs. There was a decent amount of space between my knees and the front seat. I am NOT a ryanair employee. Totally disappointed with this seat as it has no window.

We booked our seats in advance and on the way back from Faro last night discovered I had drawn the short straw. I enjoy flying but this seat ruined the whole experience for me. Don't be misguided when it says that the first few rows are Premium seats. They have the exact same legroom and recline and the other difference is that they are closer to the front of the plane.

The only seats with extra legroom are the Exit Row Seats and Row 1. Legroom is of course cramped and its uncomfortable during a long flight, but does the job for an hour or so. Leg room on normal seats however is very cramped - I am 5 ft 8 and my knees touched the seat in front 15F. My partner is 6ft 4 and he had to encroach on the aisle! However I did find legroom to be slightly better in row 18 - this is just behind the exit rows and for some reason seemed to have an extra couple of inches room.

The exit row seats have fixed arms and are exceedingly narrow - be warned that if you are anything more than 'slim' then these seats will be uncomfortable despite the generous leg room!!!

Constant sharp noise from toilet flush, also seats lack space at the back as very tight. Not great for a long flight but is fine for short one nearly first of the plain every time its not really a bad set. This seat is very claustraphobic as it has no window. I personally, do not regard this as a 'bad' seat. If the front seats are not available, I book the back row so I am nearer to the galley and therefore, the refreshments. In other words, you get served first.

Many of those comments sound like they were written by Ryanair employees.. Anyway, their online computers were down for over a week so we couldn't print boarding passes on six different phones and one computer.. Then they gave us paper tickets with seats that someone else was already sitting in ticketing computers down!!.. Window seats in Ryanair Emergency Exit rows do not have a stub to hold the folding tray table due to the missing armrest, as already indicated.

Due to this the tray table is very unstable and depending on the condition of the mechanism often slanted and unsuitable to hold a laptop or tablet.

Good seat, but there was really lot of people in the aisle, so the flight wasn't so comfortable Comfortable and more than enough leg room for me, though I am only 5'7". A good position behind the wing.

Priority boarding for a seat towards the back of the aircraft is ideal. Almost all priority boarders book seats at the front and queue at the front steps. There were three of us heading to the rear steps!

I just traveled on seat 33A. There's nothing premium about the last row, and the proximity to the rear door of the aircraft can actually turn into a major drawback. I felt cramped and had to turn to my side to fit, while on the return flight I was in 20F and it was a lot more comfortable. Seats in the last row can't recline but I never do and don't have overhead lockers, so you'll have to use the space allotted to other seats.

This means that unless the flight is empty and it is hard to imagine it will ever be , the proximity to the rear door can backfire if you're not among the first passengers to board the plane from the rear. In fact, overhead lockers fills up quickly, so you may have to find a place for your trolley farther inside the plane, which means you might have to disembark using the front door coming from the very end of the tail section read: Depending on your destination, seat 33A is pretty much okay.

Have flown with Ryanair for many years and their service and facilities have developed and improved over that time. Current seat allocation process is fine and really should have been introduced earlier as it makes the whole process of finding a seat quicker and less stressful for cabin staff.

Now with the additional benefit of a good sized 35x20x20 carry-on bag in addition to the carry-on 10kg cabin case.

Take your own food and drink. Service and support when flying with my elderly mother exemplary! Ryanair always attracts unnecessary complaints from whining people who seem to forget how much they paid for their seat. Again was a great experience and would recommend ryanair to any family or budget minded traveller.

As long as you plan ahead there wont be any added costs for you at the airport. If you fail to plan you plan to fail These seats are the first seats right next to and in front of the door - if you book priority booking it is very cramped whilst you're sat waiting for everyone to squeeze past to board - also during the flight passenges stand in front of you whilst waiting for the tiolet, row B is a far better option. Good leg room in bulkhead seats 2D and 2E but the cost of checked baggage takes away all the savings for the flight itself.

Due to the baggage handlers strike in Madrid passengers on this flight were allowed a little leeway to take two carry on bags aboard. This made loading very slow due to the amount of luggage carried in the plane. There's nothing else positive about this cheap way of getting from a to b. Was flying on a 2,5 hr flight and could not complain about legroom I'm 6"2 or boarding times. No Overhead luggage and the proximity to the lavatory was bothersome a bit but overall a nice and comfortable flight for the price!

We were allocated 33A and 33B during on-line check-in for no additional fee. No nuisance from lavatories or galley, plenty of overhead locker space just 1 row forward. Easy access from rear doors. Don't be put-off by negative comments! Absolutley cramped aircraft although a good view of the wing. IA has lots of leg room but as others have said the seat is very narrow.

Its comfortable for a couple of hours but I wouldnt like it for much longer as the seat is pretty firm. Im over 6' tall and had no problem with the door protruding into the seat space. Priority boarding is good too and esential. Seat was comfortable enough for a flight from stansted to pisa. Enough legroom to strech your legs as this is a premium seat and you are one of the first to board and get off.

Great, unlimited legroom, first to board and deplane. The seat is unfortunately very narrow, due to tray table in the armrest. Overall I was happy I paid additional 10 euro for this seat. Would do it again. No service bad seats no legroom low price. You get what you pay. I prefer paying a little more for a real airline and enjoy real service with real comfort but if you dont have luggage and you dont need comfort its ok for the price.

I will not travel again with this airline. Excellent leg room, remarkable for economy, best I've ever experienced. Very comfortable with tremendous views of the wing and beyond. Superb value for money, tons of legroom, I'm six foot, moaners will always be there. Flights are short and seats have plenty room. I don't understand your moans. Most flights are a couple hours long and you get what you pay for - to get from A to B. If you preffer "travel like a boss" style, use other airlines and pay relavant fares for your needs All i can say is ryanair has33 rows and norwegian has exactly the same aircraft with31 rows.

There is no leg room on ryanair and if a 6 foot tall man says he had lots of room I am afraid he is an unusual person for his size. Boeing and Turkish Airlines announced they have finalized a firm order for 25 Dreamliners with options for five more airplanes. How low can you go? Marks first Boeing order for privately-owned Chinese carrier. Includes options for five additional s.

The industry-leading technology of the Dreamliner is creating remarkable opportunities for airlines around the world and dramatically improving the air travel experience. We call it the Dreamliner effect. The airplane's unparalleled fuel efficiency and range flexibility enables carriers to profitably open new routes as well as optimize fleet and network performance.

And for their passengers, an experience like none other in the air, with more comfort and less fatigue. That's a better way to fly. Overview Lower operating costs Exceptional fuel efficiency Low fees Low maintenance costs Mixed-fleet flying Standard airplane.

Faster cruise speed More revenue cargo More flying days New nonstop routes Flexible seating Passenger preference. More-electric system architecture Composite primary structure Passenger-pleasing features Advanced aerodynamics Optimized flight deck Modern engines.

Benefits Arrive feeling better Lower cabin altitude Better humidity Cleaner air Smoother ride technology Improved temperature control Excellent sound quality. A new generation begins The A new generation begins Market Opener. Range 7, nmi 13, km Passengers 2-class configuration Cargo 4, ft3

Enough legroom to strech your legs as this is a premium seat and you are one of the first to board and get off.

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Ryanair now offers Premium seats in rows , 16, 17, 32, and

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