200 DMA Defined: "What is the the 200 dma?"


Daily moving average 30 DMA 50 DMA 150 DMA.

The most common timeframes used when creating moving averages are the , , 50, 20, and day moving averages. The day moving average is a . The day moving average is a popular technical indicator which investors use to analyze price trends. It is simply a security's average closing price over the last days.

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DMA is also know as Simple moving average which is considered as a technical breakout for a stock. To view stocks above their 30 DMA visit: April 14th in Market Outlook. The Nifty is now expected to target DMA daily moving average of…. The calls given here are My Personal views, Trading or investing in stocks is a high risk activity. Any action you choose to take in the markets is totally your own responsibility.

NSEGUIDE will not be liable for any, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or loss arising out of the use of this information. Investors should be cautious about any and all stock recommendations and should consider the source of any advice on stock selection.

All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making a purchase decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is no guarantee of future price appreciation.

This is YOUR site, so if you have suggestions or feedback on how we can improve it for you, please feel free to speak up! We will try our best to keep up with it! The Chart shows the green line which is the day moving average. Early in week, prices held above the dma, however, on November 11, prices plunged below the dma with a lower low.

November 12, Why is the dma important? In this example chart, the chart displayed is of Gold prices during As can been seen, each time the price of gold crossed or approached the dma, prices resisted from rising to higher levels. The resistance at the dma gave gold traders a clue as to the future direction of gold prices.

November 12, The chart below is an ETF that is used by traders to take positions in the direction of oil prices. The chart provides a good example of why paying attention to the dma is important. Prices in oil fell for over a year after crossing below the dma. Your feedback will help us and is very much appreciated.

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