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XP Minimal-Requirement-Test.

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The time for booting is about minutes. A Overdrive CPU without fan. It runs synchronously with the frontsidebus, so he had a multiplicator of one.

But to the beginning a bad surprise: XP always crashed every time in the first part of the setup. I changed the board for the time of installation. So I used the board from test 1, and the whole process took about 4 hours. It is really simple why I had not chosen another Board I have a second with Intel chipset , this one can be set easily with the jumpers "S0", "S1" and "S2". Too many jumpers for the two marked modes 60 and 66 MHz. So I tried to jumper in otherways, one of this tries was:.

Here they are set to 25 MHz. I have found 50 an 33 MHz too, but why so much power? Of course I halved the memory down to 32 MB. I could not remove more, because I did not own the right modules and I had to use pairs of Edo bit memory-controller When you only run the desktop without any special program, the cpu does not have not much to do, if you do this at a 25 MHz computer and Windows XP you got this:.

One short look in the systemmanager. The list is rather short, the Rush does not have any driver and there is no CPU but the mainboard chipset is correctly identified. Although this clock is not possible on most socket 3 Boards, this one makes it! For what reason this is jumperable? I do not know There were rumors about a Pentium 50, but the official lowest Pentium is the one with 60 MHz. Perhaps it had something to do with the turbo-switch, they were working not uniformly.

The "only-windows"-boot from the end of the initialation of the BIOS to the first icons on the Desktop will take about seven minutes, but you have to add a few more minutes until you can start to work. And remember this system is very "naked": No sound, no high-res graphics, no USB Nowadays with a modern CPU you had to run much tasks in background to reach such a high level of work.

For this reason you have to be patience very often. Did you ever notice the changing of the blue color on the screen before the "Welcome"-page?? You can see all 8 blues line by line with 20 MHz??? Every single window will build up in elements for seconds:. At 20 MHz everything was loading much longer, and not every cold-start was successful But it's a new record! VisionPCI graphics-card Antz strikes back. With an equal setup like in try number two and a Pentium Overdrive without fan downclocked to 16 MHz, which you can set with the jumpers JP on pins With a little try Antz have made it.

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Of course you need time, the homepage is availible after 10 minutes. After 13 minutes you can see the first icons, but there are 17 minutes more, where you can do nothing, before you can start "working".

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Now that's quite difficult to strike this, perhaps with a laptop, when you can there can set the clock stepless

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